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    It's A Trojan

    When I purchased my MP4 player from China on ebay, it was really cheap! I thought, "this is too good to be true". So when I got it in the mail I was surprised. I was still doubtful so I put the driver CD in and scanned it with AVG. It found 4 Trojan Horses. Try it and you will probably find the same thing. I played it when I first got it just by turning it on and it played fine. It had sample video and songs. The second day I tried to turn it on again and it just came on with a blue screen and an hour glass. It is still stuck on this screen. I would love to find the proper drivers for this player so that I don't have to install viruses on my pc. Does anyone have the proper drivers?

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    No Date/Time Setting

    I bought mine in the Philippines - there is no setting for Time/Date so all pics have 1/1/2007 date. Supposed to be under System Setup. Does anyone know how/if this can be fixed? The manual is terrible, practically unreadable.

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    Quote: abhilash
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    Sony Mp4 cannot be formatted. Memory shown as 1 MB instead of 2GB.
    firmware version -b623n2v2.6 9.0.50
    please help my email id
    Did you try to fixed it first before fommating it? if you ar using Windows OS go to My computer then right click the drive of your mp4 player then go to Properties then tools... now you will see the check now button click it then select the two option SCAN and RECOVER then start scanning... and wait ... if this didnt work now its time to format your MP4 drive...

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    Chinese sony mp4 player 512 mb

    i have chinese mp4 player 512mb can any body help me to find firmware of this player

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    big bad immediate problem!(heeelp)

    hi dear
    I've got a Sony mp4 player
    copied some video files (.mp4 and .mtv ) but hen try to open them it sais: disk empty!
    could you please help me fast

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    Sony Digital Mp4 Player


    i just bought a Sony Digital Media Player NW-A806. It stated it supports MPEG4 video and audio AAC-LC format. But when i tried using ipod player format to convert. it shows not supportted.

    Any help on this???

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    Hello Friends.
    I have the same problem too,My 1G memory was full but there was only 100Mo into! I formated.Now I'm here with a 115Mo Player.Who can help me?

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    my problem is thatt when i start the SONY MP4 Digital player
    it start but it's it shows loadingg..... picture and it freeze's like that ...

    when i try to connect to pc .. the pc don't reconzize to ithe device ..... i think that viruse's is the problem
    but i don;t know what to do . i can't format it and i can't start it ... plessee help

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