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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    Quote: Daria
    hey I got same problem as you did you find the way to fix it
    There are clues to help us on
    French site... but english forum too!

    I haven't try to update my firmware version yet, but it should work.
    I 'm waiting for more information.

    Good luck everybody


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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    hi rana i just bought my sony mp4 player and i have alot of problems .i wonder if yours work good .please reply

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    While formatting the flah memory, if you chose FAT32, there will be problem. You should format it with FAT16. Then the problem will perhaps solved. It is worth a try. Goodluck.

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    I tried updating the firmware, had the same problem... now from 116mb down to 109mb.. something is definately wrong here... any ideas? when I first bought it in beijing it show'ed 1gb in "memory info", formatted it that night and it turned to 116mb, I had a couple of tourist friends that bought theirs and had similar problems, so I didn't even bother to get it replaced.
    still looking for a solution though...

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    Hi my name is Davy, I'm Braziliam and I have the same problem like you, my mp4 have 115MB after formatted, you did find the solution for this problem?

    My Hynix chip is HY27UF081G2M I think that it have 1GB of memory...

    Thanks a lot !

    Quote: Ender
    i have a sony digital mp4 2GB..
    I formatted it, but it is now 116MB.. I couldn't understand what happened. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot
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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    ich have the same prob as you all! my father bought me a MP4 playa form china and after formatting it it offers only 116mb instead of 2gb...
    hope anybody finds a solution...cant really find a firmware update...
    its a pitty

    wait for your replies...b3nn1
    thanks a lot!

    PS: im from germany so dont wonder about my languageskills :P

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    ...i cant even open my music file now but i can open everything else...iv tryed everything and it still doesnt work...and the first time i downloaded music to it it would only play like 20 songs... but i had 99 osngs on it.

    thanks grr

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    do not bother to find the firmware of the sony mp4 player. I have same problem as most of you. I was able to download and upgrade the firmware already but the capacity remains 116mb. What i think is that the player we got only have actual capacity of 115mb then someone who is good in programming have just installed a compressing software which makes us believe its capacity is 2gb.
    What we have to find is not the firmware but rather the compressing software

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player


    I have player with 2 gb space. And if I read this forum right, a musn't upgrade or format drive. I will loose my memory, right?

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    I have also problems with this player. I want to play music and it says Intialiazing... and then it turns of and restarts. Is there any way to fix this?

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