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    i had formatted with fat 32 file system but my memory misleaded from 512mb to 256mb
    any solutions

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    I also have the same problem.Please help me if u have got its solution. Please send me the information on

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    Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    i have a sony digital mp4 512..
    I formatted it, but it is now 108MB.. I couldn't understand what happened. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot
    Quote: Richard
    do not bother to find the firmware of the sony mp4 player. I have same problem as most of you. I was able to download and upgrade the firmware already but the capacity remains 116mb. What i think is that the player we got only have actual capacity of 115mb then someone who is good in programming have just installed a compressing software which makes us believe its capacity is 2gb.
    What we have to find is not the firmware but rather the compressing software

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    abu saeed

    sony mp4 player driver

    Quote: moein
    i need to download it from the website
    i want to sony mp4 player driver. please help me

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    Quote: adames
    I have a chinese digital mp4 player someone help me for converter .mpg to .mtv
    go to this website to know more and find all the necessary tools for your mp4 player

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    Bárbara Bueno

    problem to install mp4 ( don't works)

    I´ve the solution for this error.
    If you want to know how to solve it, write-me at
    You don't need to pay for this.

    Bárbara Bueno.
    Săo Paulo - Brazil

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    Sony mp4

    I had my 2gb diskspace as i stated before then i got some problems and needed to format the drive now i only have about 115 mb, i have been told however that it can work if you RESET the drive to the factory settings. Somewhere on the drive you have a small round hole. (not the mic) i was told to put a paperclip in it and that would reset the drive. Getting me my 2gb capacity back. Gonna try this later today. DONT TRY IT IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF BREAKING IT!!! AND DONT USE A NEEDLE!

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    sony mp4 player

    hi i am amit i hav also the same problem actullay when i had bought it the actual size of the player was 256 mb n then it gfives some prob so i had formatted it now it shows only 109 mb memory and the pc software provided by the player hadnt install in the software it shows some msi file not exits but the file is present theer so whast the prob i think if i can install that pc software than i can reformat the player and than memory increse from 109 to 256 mb.

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    are u sure that the device consit of only 109 mb
    but in the instruction file they had written if any memory problem arises u should try to use our pc tarnsfer softawre that was provided by us but the problem is that the pc transfer software can not install in the pc beacuse of a file error name what is the problem behind it plz say me my email id is
    i think u r the best person in the formum who had some idea abt the player

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    True Keanz
    mann....i cant play my it willturn on for a second and turn off again i dont knwo what happened, sometimes it will stay on for 20 seconds then turn off again, sometimes it jus freezes.....i duno wat happened....and i know its fully charged too, but even when its charging i ont stay on sometimes, the green light stays on on the charger, but the screen is really messed...can someone please email me how to fix this at:



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