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    same problem, i have 512mb... formated it its showing 233 mb....what happened

    Quote: Ender
    i have a sony digital mp4 2GB..
    I formatted it, but it is now 116MB.. I couldn't understand what happened. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot
    please help me how can i restore the lost memory?

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    see this

    you must see your format it must be fat no fat32

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    sotware requier

    my mp4 player radio dosnt work and i wana to fix it but i cant ind an software for my mp4 player if you know how i can find and where tell me

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    Bad Firmware Update

    I have updated a Sony MP4 player model S1 mp3 player
    with wrong file.And now it doesnt turn on and there isnt any Menu on it
    just a small light is on.
    What can I do?
    I need your help.

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    same problem..

    me also having this problem now...
    my mp4 bought at beijing..
    4GB become 109MB now!! damn it...
    how to restore my memory ler?
    hope to hear u soon...thks..

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    so can u find the compress software?

    so now have u find the compress siftware yet?
    can u show us? thks so much...
    hope to hear u soon...

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    Quote: kakai(malaysia)
    please visit this url

    this url will help u recovery on your ded mp3 or mp4

    this url will help u to find your fw
    Thanks for these URLs. Everyone else please take note - we really don't need any more "Me too" or "Please send me the solution" messages. From now on, please only reply to this thread if you have some useful information to offer.
    Dave Owen

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    Amit Bharti

    Your's problems

    Dear Friends,
    Here is your solutions.
    Those who has format their player they can restores their memory again by formating the player through AMV player tool and after that put thier firmwire file if necessary update with new onces.
    As such Dear thier is no such manul on the net but if u go deeply throug browing and surfing u all get the information.
    If any problem email me
    Take care!


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    help wanted

    hi i have been given a sony mp4 digital player
    there is one movie inside...what format should it support ?!
    i've tried mp4,3gp,avi....

    none of them is recognised !?
    i have no book whit that player

    please help me
    i'll be glad if some of u give me program for convertion

    there was one movie inside but a friend of mine has deleted it...i think it was "avs" "amv" or something like that..


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    having problems with my mp4

    itīs a sony clone from china, and its having this bad menu. its only showing one song at the display.. i want to cange this, but its not that easy.

    found out that i could use a program to get the firmware. after, i could modify it with another.

    with the mp4, there was a cd. the cd contained some mp3 tools. one of them was a firmware upgrade. i would use the upgrade to put in a new firmware.

    OK! now my problem. i cant use the firmware upgrade! it cant see my mp4 when its connected. the program was ment to change the mp4 display to "firmware mode". but it donīt! if i do it manually, the program seeīs the mp4. but there comes another problem.. it saids that it couldt not change the mp4 to "firmware mode"

    What can i do? (and maybe you should know that i am only 14 years old, comes from denmark, and not that good at English)


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