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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    sorry to tell u this but you guys got scammed. Chances are when you formatted your mp4, you deleted a data file which deplays the mp4 player to have 2gb (or whatever gb version you bought). Basically the suppliers purposely put a virus (data file) in the mp4 player that shows the wrong amount of memory (obviously to gain profit). This explains why some of you can only play fewer songs then you actually downloaded on the media player. (24 songs is the approx size of 100mb) When you guys formatted the harddrive of the mp4 (format means to delete everything for those of you who dont know), it deleted the data file or 'virus' that makes the mp4 player display 2gb instead of the actual size (100mb)

    Either this is the case or you guys got unlucky and received a defective mp4 player. Although this is possible, its highly unlikely seeing how these things are massed produced and an 'accidental' error in the production process does not change memory from 2gb to 100mb. An error in the production process would result in something along the lines of your mp4 player not being able to turn on- not some software issue.

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    Quote: Jake
    go in to explorer and removable whatever disk when it is plugged into the computer and clear anything and everything and it should go back to normal
    Sorry! i dont understand very well the way to get back 1 gb to my mp4.
    Please, could you explain it to me to

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    Quote: zeuse
    Just got a sony MP4. I should have known, that the deal might be to good to be true. Does anyone have a success story with the MP4?

    Sort of success story.
    I bought two of these yesterday at the Silk street market in Beijing. I paid 300 Yuan. My friend also bought two. They look like copies of the iPod Nano. One was branded Sony, one was just branded "Digital MP4 Player". They were marked as 2 Gb. They came with a manual that said they had FM, but didn't. Each had Music, Movie, Record, Speech playback, text and image settings, as well as a setup menu. The menus are odd, generally "M" is the "enter" key, and Play/pause id the exit key in menus.

    When I started loading files, they reported as full after about 350 Mb.

    One of them corrupted files when I tried to copy a lot of files in one go, but the files copied OK if I copied them in batches of 10 or 12.
    I could not delete the corrupted files, but was able to do a "quick format" in windows without reducing the apparent capacity of 2 Gb.

    I believe the "disk full" problem arises because I was dropping all the MP3 files into the root directory. Fat 16 has a limit on how many entries you can have in the root directory. Once I started putting the files in folders, I managed to transfer over 600 Mb of songs without a problem.

    However I was not happy with the device, particularly the way it sometimes corrupted files, and the fact that I could not successfully create any video files it would play, so I took them back this morning and got a full refund. My friend exchanged his for a pair of much better quality but smaller capacity MP3 players and a part-refund.

    If you are having problems with one of these, and have reformatted it, I suggest you try to make sure it is formatted as FAT16. You should also make sure you put your songs in a folder. I would give up on the video, and not use it as file storage for anything important. Just accept it as a cheap MP3 player.

    Now I have to explain to my son that he is not getting a 2G MP3 MP4 player after all. ;(


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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    helo i can used the driver of MP4 player digital thank u?

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    Quote: Screwed
    i have fallen into the i brought a sony digital mp4 player
    the player thankfully seems to function ok, but the software that converts the video files is screwed. i have tryd searching and searching for another convertor and cant find any.(oddly thou i have found a player that will play the files but wont convert them) if anyone has any suggestions on a covertor that will convert to the mpx formatt it would be great. the enrgish manual i have suggests i go to their website, yet i have read the manual back to front and the box i cannot find the said website. if somebody knows their website it would be handy aswell

    my email is

    if u know the website address plz send me @

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    Well here's my problem or the thing i wanna know:

    1.first of all, the file is corrupted. so i cant install the software. i have this player of 256 mb. so from where can i get that file. and install everything on that cd

    2. if anyone knows the website address plz send me at

    3. if u know any converter that can convert any poplar video files (avi,wmv,mpg,dat) to .dmv (this is the video file extension my player support) plz send me its name & download locatin at player support .pho file (image file) is there any converter that can convert jpg,bmp to pho. if u know plz send me at

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    Guys the sony MP4 player is a fake, It seems we have all been ripped off.
    Theres no solution. we have been duped.

    Quote: b3nn1
    ich have the same prob as you all! my father bought me a MP4 playa form china and after formatting it it offers only 116mb instead of 2gb...
    hope anybody finds a solution...cant really find a firmware update...
    its a pitty

    wait for your replies...b3nn1
    thanks a lot!

    PS: im from germany so dont wonder about my languageskills :P

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    My mum just bought me a mp4 from china and need instructions
    in english can you help

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    Omid Mozaffari

    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    I have that file have can i send that to you?

    Quote: Aih
    Hi to everybody having the same problem with the sony mp4 from china.
    I tried to install the cd, but some of the files donīt work (MSI.CAB), but my pc recogniced it, after checking that the memory was 2 gb, I had to format it because I had some problems with the music (extrange...), and surprisingly, it showed only 114 mb.
    I have done everythig, install, uninstall, format it with fat32... but nothing...
    Have anybody found the solution???
    Does anybody have a working MSI.CAB??
    Thanks, and nice weekend.

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    Re: Sony Digital Mp4 Player

    hello, i had problem to play video on the my "sony digital mp4 player", i had download a frimware from the web site, i had install the frimware on the digital player and after the operation the player don't swich on....can you help me e-mail is ""
    thanks bye

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