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    The Quality of video copy tape came out not clear

    Hi Dave, I learned how to copy video tape by 2 vcrs through your website a couple of years ago. The quality of copying tape came out very nice. Recently I tried to copy video tape by the same 2 vcrs again, the quality of copying tape was not good. Often the image was moving up and down, shaking, not stable, and darker than than original/recording tape. The original/recording tape might be years old but its image is very good when played in either vcr. Also, I used brand new blank VHS tape to make copies. So I don't know what's wrong. Could you please advise what problems might effect the quality of copying tape? Thank you very much again. Tthe brand of vcrs are Zeith and RCA -Sabrina

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    Re: The Quality of video copy tape came out not clear

    It sounds like the tape you're copying is getting too old and the timing/synch information (which keeps the tape stable) is getting degraded. It often happens that the tape plays okay but when you try to copy it, the timing information just isn't stable enough.

    I think you'll need better equipment to make the copy. The standard professional way to fix the problem would be to use a time base corrector (TBC). This is a device which replaces the timing information to create a stable synch pulse etc. Unfortunately such equipment is very expensive, so your options could be:

    1 - See if you can hire a TBC from a video production house.
    2 - Pay a professional video production house to make the copy.
    3 - Try to beg or borrow a better-quality source VCR to play the tape and see if that helps.

    Note: Some consumer-level VCRs have a built-in TBC, for example, the Panasonic HS1000. This isn't the same as a professional TBC but it can make a difference to older tapes.
    Dave Owen

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    Re: The Quality of video copy tape came out not clear

    Thank you very much, Dave. Your website and Q&A always provides the most useful and helpful information! -sabrina


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