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    Simple knockout of one color

    I have a simple image of a leaf with an all white background and I am trying to create a transparency out of it.

    I can't seem to get the magic want to work, it just selects that entire image and I did fiddle with the settings to see it that would change but it did not. I am working on an RGB image.

    So is there a way to say to photoshop to knockout anything that is white on the image? To specify a knockout color? And what are the steps if so? I already know to create another layer, move it below the image and now I am just trying to knockout the white background of an image of a black leaf. Any ideas?


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    Re: Simple knockout of one color

    Two possibilities spring to mind:

    (1) You have the wrong layer selected.
    (2) You have the tolerance setting too high.
    Dave Owen


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