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    Shooting a work shop

    I'm going to shoot a workshop with the artist working on horisontal table
    (watercolor). It is going to be a lot of talking and close-up shots of the actual work in progress itself. Can I get away with one camera? I have a quick release shoe on my video head and one on the crane. The talent has no problem to be interupted, but I'm worrying about post production seamless integration of sound and video.
    Does anyone had an experience in such setups?
    Many thanks in advance.
    By the way, fantastic site, never come across to such well balanced information on the web.

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    Re: Shooting a work shop

    Hi Vlad,

    Thanks for the comments and sorry about the delayed reply. Seems a shame to have responded so slowly after the nice things you said .

    I think you can get away with one camera. I can imagine your situation as a news story and most news stories use a single camera.

    If you're worried about sound, it might be an idea to record a separate audio bed. Record a couple of minutes of ambient audio in the workshop with no-one talking. This can be used to help keep background audio consistent in post.
    Dave Owen


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