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    I read that .asf and .wma file are for audio streaming.
    What the difference? Which is better ?
    How do I convert mp3's to .asf or .wma ?
    No web tools have yet worked.
    Most tools are for streaming capture.
    I had hoped Windows Media Player 10 could convert the file formats but I cant find out how to make it do that.

    I have the website created and the player is embedded.
    I want the player to begin when the page is loaded.
    It is my understanding that I just need to create the playlist and upload the converted files.

    Any help would be great !


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    Re: How to create, post and stream audio file on web page

    Hmm, to be honest I'd be tempted to stick with MP3. The embedded player should play MP3 no problem. Have you tried it?

    Can you show us the URL?
    Dave Owen


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