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    Live Video Streaming Questions from the Philippines

    We are a very new outfit based in the Philippines who is looking into the possibility of doing live webcasts of cultural events. We had finished 3 tests broadcast so far and the feedback that we have been getting are not that encouraging technically. Most of the feedbacks that we got are “video screen freezing” or “hanging” and frequent cut off of video reception. Together with it are comments on “audio loss” or “sound is off”

    Our viewership comments last night Philippine time came from all over like Singapore, NJ, NY, Chi, SD, Anchorage in Alaska, Sudan in Africa, Brussels, Italy, London, San FO, Taiwan and of course Japan and locally through out the Philippine archipelago.
    Buffered pretty bad here for me in Kuwait and I am on a 512DSL line with 1Gb ram for my media player!!!!!

    But, thanks, it was cool guys.
    reporting reception from UK:
    paputol putol ang audio (on and off audio) at laging nagpi-freeze ang picture (picture freeze)....[.im using windows media player]
    comment from Philadelphia
    We are using Windows media as our file format and our streaming video server is located in Japan (I have'nt asked yet our Japan colleagues what streaming media software we are using ). For the moment we are using a Canon Digital Video Camera which is connected to a fire wired PC. We are hooked to an ADSL connection at 1.5gigs.

    What is causing the “hanging” effect? How can we improve on it?

    We have a bandwidth of 1.5 g but the reported kb at our viewers end is 273kb. How can we max our bandwidth?

    On the camera side the compression rate that was set was something like 273 kb also, would it be better to increase it as I have noticed that there are still two higher comp rate choices available?

    Would it be possible to put in descriptive TEXT TITLES and LOGO CAPTIONS in the video at point of capture here in the Phils (not at our streaming video server in Japan)?

    I don't know the exact figures but my guestimate is we have around 15 to 30 viewers from all over the world at any point in time during our test webcast. Of course we would like to know what is the optimum config if we want to accomodate 1k users at any given time?

    BTW your site is heaven sent. I have been browsing for the past 2 hours seeking for answers to my concerns. Your streaming tutorial has answered most of it.

    We look forward for your help. Thanks a lot.
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    Re: Live Video Streaming Questions from the Philippines

    Oh btw I forgot to mention that while we are shooting the event, two guys are making a live commentary of the events that are unfolding ( I'm one of the two commentators). We are using a remote microphone which I think is sourced from the video cam. Now, my question is, since we are seated near the CPU would it be possible if we use a mike connected to the computer itself instead of the video cam.

    Pardon my inquisitiveness. I really don't know a thing on this set-ups. I am totally new to this... clueless if I may say

    Thanks once again.

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    Re: Live Video Streaming Questions from the Philippines

    Dear Bubut,

    First and foremost, welcome to MediaCollege. Like you I am a member.
    I find the questions, comments and answers posted here very helpful in learning about digital media.

    I am not in anyway technical or a geek.

    Here is my non-technical suggestion:

    I produce a live broadcast (that is also simultaneously achieved) for Cafe Scientifique San Diego - a discussion forum for local residents to interact with a scientist who is an expert on the subject. Our next meeting is on the 5th of November 2005 at 5:30-7:30 pm (PST), California.

    I broadcast to the world and have the capacity for 75 simultaneous viewers.
    Here is the link for the archived material-feel free to check out the quality of the sound and video.

    I use a simple Logitech Pro 4000.
    Four clicks later, I am broadcasting to the world, to broadband and dial-up, to windows media player and flash.
    I can also tell during the broadcast if my viewer are have audio/visual problems and can resolve most while online without breaking my stream.

    If you are not able to resolve these issues satisfactorily and perhaps need a new service provider, you may want to consider-

    Please note, I am affiliated to this company.
    From the description of the problems you are having, if you are to wedded to your current provider, you may have to look elsewhere, if they don’t deliver the goods in a simple-easy-to use product for you and your clients.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Live Video Streaming Questions from the Philippines

    Correction our ADSL connection is 1.5 Mbps Downstream and 384 Kbps Upstream (whatever that means )

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    Re: Live Video Streaming Questions from the Philippines

    i dont understand

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    Re: Live Video Streaming Questions from the Philippines

    What is your bandwidth? Suggest you visit

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    Re: Live Video Streaming Questions from the Philippines

    The 384 is what your actually using, since your uploading the video. that is not very good for an ADSL with a download of 1.5. You can get almost any dsl line with an upload of 384. With only one camera 384 should be more then enough. For what your probably paying you should have at least 768 upload.

    Actually for what your doing you could use an axis 210A camera/server and direct users right from any cheapy web site. Stream live video audio right from the camera/server if there is 20 or less viewers. For more then that you have to wait for someone to answer my post on how to handle more users without spending a fortune.

    By the way I have no affiliation with axis, other then using them.
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    bugs and fixes

    the problem with live video streaming doesn't lie on the hardware you guys using. it is the gateway where which you guys are passing through. first of all things to be considered is the connection type. you have adsl and dsl, although they are considered broadband connections, adsl still is considered a half duplex while dsl is a full duplex.

    consider getting a 1 or 8 meg connection for your upload and download, with a full patch of optical cable for the wiring. it is more likely the same procedure and technique you might use for LAN network.

    i have tried to upload live video feed using a generic webcam and my sister who is living in the phils. did not experience any of your freeze ups of chopped audio. at that time, i was only using a P3 system, 512mb sdram and 32 meg onboard video.

    it has nothing to do with the format either. whether you windows media player or something else, it will still yield a good audio/video streaming output.

    i now work with an amd x64, 1 gig ddr, and an invidia (?) onboard video card. i still use my gen webcam and microphone. i am working now on connecting my television to my moviebox so i can try to upload local channels from toronto to the rest of the world.

    you can try to search for a good video server or you can try to set your own server up so you won't experience any more problems. remember, the more you work on you rgears on hand, the more you will smooth out the bugs. happy live a/v streaming to you guys and MABUHAY!


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