I'm a person of pretty liberal morals, but I am also a parent who is quite disgusted at the level and frequency of gross and/or bloody depiction of dead bodies ie., "Cold Case"; two people on a stretcher sitting upright with one stake? driven through the both of their bodies while they are bleeding everywhere ie, E.R? (or some other hospital drama); a internet stripper chatting while taking off her clothes and undulating on the bed in her bra and panties while a man in all black comes up behind her and slits her neck - all in the 1st 3 mins of the show ie., CSI (or some murder investigation show - well can u blame me for not remembering which - there are like 7 different ones). Why is television saturated with this gross, and sometimes scary programming? Why do the American people have to deal with this? Why do the small children in my family have to be subjected to this, even as early as 8pm - when the stripper was sliced in the neck on one of the major networks - CBS/NBC??? I dont even want to see that let alone children. Even if I purposely avoid watching these shows the networks still air the commercials giving a preview during other shows of the nasty things to come on the next new episode. My son and nephew are both 7 yrs old and I am tired of hearing them exclaim (when these commerical teasers for episodes air), "Aunt Brittany! Turn it, Turn it!!!" "Mommy, turn the channel, turn it - this commercial is too scary" -- not goblins and ghosts scary - bleeding, shot, stabbed, beat up people and/or dead bodies. Im sick and tired and sad about this - what do I do? When do we say when on all of this, and do we really need 4 different CSI's? I havent counted how many of these types of dramas are on TV right now, but if anyone else knows I would be interested. Who can those that are fed up with this complain to?