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    Does anyone know if the Canon ZR-100 will permit a continuous picture WITHOUT "end of tape" message on screen, and without shutting down automatically without a tape.

    We are a church and need to use the camera for sending the video images of our church service to a nursery in a different on site location (wired).

    We don't want to have to put in a tape every time to do it since the camera will be mounted and inaccessible.

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    Re: Using Canon ZR-100 as Fixed camera/survelance

    Tricky one. I don't know about your exact model but I do know that some cameras can be fooled into thinking there is a tape loaded. You could try loading an empty tape cassette and see what happens (probably a long-shot).

    If the camera has a photo/memory mode, that sometimes works for what you're trying to do.

    Another option would be to sell the Canon and buy yourself a proper surveillance camera. The second-hand price for the ZR-100 would probably buy you a decent enough new surveillance camera.
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Using Canon ZR-100 as Fixed camera/survelance

    What you need to do is get yourself a cctv camera.....either a black and white with night vision or a colour cctv camera which will give you colour pictures during the day and black and white pictures at night(also fitted with night vision...
    These are readily available and are not over the top price wise.A requirement is to have some form of day ,time and date generator to go with it if you are using the camera to record for security purposes-what you then need is a time lapse video which has the time day and date already built in.
    It depends how far you need to go with your installation wether you need to include motion detection for your camera ...anyone moving about will put the time lapse vcr into record for a fixed amount of time etc
    regards mike

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    Re: Using Canon ZR-100 as Fixed camera/survelance

    Yes and Yes.

    As long as you are not recording to tape in the camera, you will not get a "Tape End" message. Also the Canon ZR series will NOT auto-shut off if there is no tape racked inside (no tape in the cartridge). Dont have a tape in it, and you will be fine. I believe it is also LANC controllable as well.


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