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    Owner's Manual - JVC RX-517V Receiver needed

    I found this receiver at the city landfill, brought it home and it works except a little trouble with the surround sound. I got a remote for it. Now I just need the missing owner's manual. If you have one or know someone who has one that I may have a copy of then please respond.
    JVC RX-517V Receiver

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    Re: Owner's Manual - JVC RX-517V Receiver needed

    Sorry, no luck finding your manual. The closest we have is the JVC RX-6510VBK which can be found in the database of operating manuals.
    Dave Owen

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    Ben Uhrich

    Manual for RX-517V

    Jerrix- did you ever find the Manual for the JVC RX-517V? My dad gave me the old system without the manual (thanks dad) and I don't want to spend anymore time fumbling around. Unlike you, I can't get any of the speakers to work with the reciever... maybe it's broken. I don't know. Anyways, I saw that your posting was a while ago and I was just wondering if you ever found the manual. Thanks!

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    I found it!

    You can actually download it for free


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