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    hello newbie here

    hello to everyone, this is my first post and would like to say that "kudos" for a very nice and informative board...

    I have a mini dvcam a sony PC105e i know this is just a consumer cam and would like to know what should i need in order to start transferring videos from my cam to pc and also to start editing (i would like to take videos and turn them into mtv style 3-6mins clips)
    maybe later on as i grow on my videocam i can purchase higher end pro or prosumer videocams and hopefully turn this hobby into something more fruitful

    what software and hardware do i need?
    what other stuffs should i get to make the most out of my cam


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    Re: hello newbie here

    Hi, I'm new to this forum after discovering it on the web through google...

    Knowing nothing on the models, I looked up the specs on the user manuals online and I'll make the assumption that the CCDTR511E model is analog and the other one is digital. I imagine what you would do is a device to device transfer over analog, and then use the IEEE firewire (digital) interface to go from the DCRTRV320 to the Macintosh. Everything else is fairly straitforward as the Final Cut pro handles the DV capture quite well. Some models of camera's I'm told support trasport device controll over the firewire and others do not. If it does, all that means is that you can use your computer to start, stop, and rewind the tape. If it doesn't then it is a matter of pushing 'play' on the DCRTRV320 device and 'record' or 'capture' on the Final Cut Pro DV capture utility.

    Hope that helps.


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