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    balanced PA volume control is off but sound getting through

    This building has a balanced audio PA system in the main auditorium with speakers in 4 additional rooms.

    The additional rooms each have a volume control knob on the wall.

    3 of the room’s volume controls work properly.

    However, in the 4th room you can still hear very low sound coming through the speaker when the volume control for the room is turned to 0 or "off".

    Even after completely disconnecting all of the wires for the volume control knob you can still hear very low sound from the main auditorium coming through the speaker.
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    Re: PA volume is off in additional room but sound is getting through

    Hi Green T,
    Troubleshooting ghosts and phantoms is a bit tricky to diagnose as to how does low sound get to a speaker when it's not connected.

    1 - Is the wire (that was disconnectedfrom the volume control) going to the speaker inside the wall or through some sort of cable duct or raceway?

    2 - Can you visually confirm that is the only wire connected to the speaker or is there anyother pair of wires connected to it?

    3 - Is the speaker a self-powered speaker?
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    Re: PA volume is off in additional room but sound is getting through

    are you sure that the sound from the auditorium is coming through the speaker and not just bleeding through some air ducts or some unsealed holes between the auditorium and that room?


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