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    Need Beta SP Help!!

    I am currently in the process of researching how to transfer my MiniDV tape into a Beta SP format. A television station near me requires this in order for me to air my program . I know nothing about the subject. I need to know if it's possible for me to do it myself and how much that would cost. I would be grateful for any help I could get concerning this subject!

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    Re: Need Beta SP Help!!

    Welcome Schwayway,
    I would not recommend doing the transfer yourself unless you have the cashola to put down for QC equipment. Your tape has to meet specs for broadcasting. If your tape fails, it can be rejected and the broadcaster will ask for another tape. If you can ask the station maybe they can do the transfer for you for a nominal fee. If they can't do it, ask them to make a recommendation for a transfer house in your area. If you want to do your own research, try looking under POST-PRODUCTION or VIDEO TRANSFERS. In any case make sure that who ever does the transfer, does a QC on it. This will give you some sort of guarantee, so that you don't pay for another transfer when it's their fault.

    Sorry for the long explanation but it's never that simple - good luck!
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