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    Jason veteran
    Hi Dave, Lynn and others.

    I promised I would pop in here (a long time ago) if I found something similar to WEBBBS. Well, I Stumbled across the following via a something else earlier. It's an open source php/mysql based forum that allows for DIV based Frames, so you can style a message board in a Web BBS style.

    It uses a stripped down, unobtrusive Ajax script to do it and while it's a bit early to be jumping up and down, it is interesting and thought it worth mentioning.

    I have left it too long with some of my clients to go back to the webbbs style, but all new projects will definitely utilise this.

    Anyway. Hapy holidays..


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    Re: a new, open source, php based, WEBBBS-style forum

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks very much for sharing this. It loooks very interesting.
    Dave Owen


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