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    Hi Dave,

    I copied a commercial musical CD to my laptop's Microsoft Media and then burned a blank CD with the new music. I can listen to the new music from this newly burned CD on my laptop. However, when I go to play the newly recorded CD on my home CD player, no sound would come out. Could you please advise what went wrong or what I should adjust when burn the blank CD? Thank you very much!

    * The blank CD I used is CD-R.
    ** This is the firsht time I tried to burn a CD. After I clicked "burn", a couple of minutes later or less, the blank CD jack popped out by itself and the screen read "Insert a blank CD", I thought I didn't do it correctly and put the CD jack back in and clicked "burn" again. So I actually burned the blank CD twice, I think. Would it be a factor why I cannot play it on my home CD player?

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    use windows media player and check your age of cd player

    When you burnt the cd, did you rip audio from the commercial cd to Windows media player then go to the burn option and put all the audio files into a playlist then let windows media player convert the audio from WMA to AIFF and then itll burn the audio onto the disk and it should work on almost any cd player. If you rip the audio to windows media player and have it burn your audio for you, it will burn it correctly to make it most compatible with msot cd players. If you have a really old cd player, (more than 3 or 4 years old) then it might be that your cd player simply cant read the cd. If you've made sure that AIFF (audio) files were burnt onto your cd, the becase older cd players tend to have an issue in reading burnt cds, then its probably just your cd player giving you a hard time but make sure when it ejects after burning to test the cd before trying to reburn the cd and note that all cd burning programs should just simply refuse to burn onto an already burnt cd unless its a cd-rw which then you have to erase before you can burn data or audio on it. Hope this helps!!

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    Re: CD copy can be played on laptop but not on home CD player

    Hi Andrew:

    Thank you for your advice. I actually have two cds burnt by my classmate a month ago at his computer, and my home cd player has no problem to play them... So now I'm not sure whether my home cd player is too old to play a burnt cd.

    I burnt my own blank cd by the cd-rom inside laptop, not by an external cd-burner which most people do. Can it be the reason that I can't play the burnt cd on my home cd player? I don't know how my classmate burnt the two cds for me.


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    Re: CD copy can be played on laptop but not on home CD player

    No, it should not matter whether you burn your cd on the internal burner or an external burner on your laptop. This sounds to me like a format that your home cd player does not support was used to code your cd. There are lots of different formats of audio that you can burn audio to a cd and have the audio play on a computer becuase all of these codecs for these formats are on your computer, so it just translates these formats to whatever format that your soundcard is expecting so it will play The cd players, depending on their age, will have either one or both of these codecs installed on them: AIFF (all have this one) and for newer models mp3 so these are the only formats that it can play. CD players and DVD players will usually say what extra formats they have installed besides the AIFF (CD and DVD) and/or mpeg3 (DVD) codecs. With that said, the easiest way to burn you songs to a blank cd for best compatibility (AIFF codec) in CD players is use windows media player because you simply tell it which songs to burn and in what order, then it converts them from whatever codec to AIFF. You do this by simply using ONE of these three methods (assuming you are completely new and/or unfamiliar with Windows Media Player becuase if you are familiar with windows media player, simply add each song to the "burn list" and rearrange until satisfied then click the "start burn" button and relax):

    1. finding each file by using the "My computer" explorer and right click and click on the "add to burn list" option and repeat for as many songs desired then go to the "Burn" tab and rearrange songs until you're happy and click on the "start burn" button to begin burn and let the media player do its work.

    OR 2. In windows media player right clicking on the desired audio and arrowing down to the "add to" option and then a submenu will pop out, then you click burn list the go to the "Burn" tab and rearrange songs untill happy and click the "start burn" to begin burn and let the media player do its work.

    OR 3. Open windows media player and click on the "Burn" tab and if all desired songs are in one playlist, just pick that one and once your done flip flopping the songs around (if you do so), then click on the "start burn" button to begin burn and then let windows media player do its work.

    In all of these situations, when windows media player is done burning (it automaticaly ejects the burnt cd) and (assuming it burns all the songs succesfully) the cd, it will be in the AIFF codec, so the chances of it working are very very high becuase this is the correct codec that any cd player can read and the chances of it not working are very very low like, .01% chance that it will not work and thats only becuase of faulty cd players and scratches on the cds. Hope this helps!!

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    Re: CD copy can be played on laptop but not on home CD player

    Hi Andrew:

    Thank you so much again for the detail info. I'm going to try it again.

    There is so much to learn for just burning a CD! Even the info you provide, takes me a while to digest.

    Finally, thank you again for your help. It's always greatly appreciated that people like you who spend time to write and help others.


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    Re: CD cWalkmanopy can be played on laptop but not on home CD player

    Hi Andrew:

    One more question.

    Is blank CD-R such as Sony CD-R Music advitised for "digital quality sound" a better choice than regular CD-R without specific advitised for music used such as Memorex CD-R ? The price of them has big difference. How about the quality? Does the sound of CD-R Music come out better than regular one's sound? A noticeble difference? Thanks!


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    cd-r vs. cd-r music/ audio

    Truefully, I have tried burning to both types of cd's but I have not found a reasonable difference in quality. They say the music ones are best with audio and being more compatible but I've found that pretty much a cd is a cd no matter what kind of label they smack on it. They all have about the same performance and compatibility that I have been able recognize. So, what I would recomend would just be to buy the memorex becuase I've burnt so many cd's with memorex and to my ears there is no difference and I have not seen a higher compatibility in Music cd-r versus just a cd-r, so I'd just recomend going with memorex cd-r if you've all ready narrowed your chioces down to these two brands. Otherwise, just look around and look for pretty much the cheapest cd's that are decent, like dont go and just look for the lowest price cd-r, comparison shop and see which brand fits you best, they are all cd'r's so you can burn any kind of data on it and cd-roms cant tell the difference on what kind of cd'r was used so they're not gonna hate you for buying a certain brand or anything. Hope all of my ranting on with all of my posts has been able to help you!

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    Re: CD copy can be played on laptop but not on home CD player

    I agree, a CD-R is a CD-R. I have those that are designated for music and those that are supposedly optimized for data and those that supposedly you can use for either and I can not determine any difference. When I need to record something I just grab the first blank one I can locate.


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