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    multi output formats

    I have been tasked with documenting a research project over the next few years. Most is via still photography. I thought video would be a nice complement. I kno nothing about home video. I retired a bolex movie camera many years ago.

    My question is with HD becoming avaliable. Can i, after editing, burn different dvd's for different formats ie 4x3 16x9 and 16x9hd?

    The puppose is fod distribution to people with different media.

    it might also be of interes how hard would it be to chang and make the same video suitable for viewing on european systems?

    thank in advance

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    Re: multi output formats

    The short answer is yes, you can burn DVDs for different formats but there is likely to be some compromise, e.g. losing part of the image or using letterbox format. The best solution would be to use a hi-definition widescreen camera, then you have the best quality to start with and you'll need to make the least number of compromises. Of course this will be the most expensive option.

    If you're prepared to make the effort, the idea is to shoot in widescreen mode while keeping a 4x3 safe area, so the image will look good in both aspect ratios. This requires some skill and experience.

    You can get video converted to the European format (PAL) but again, there is a compromise. To over-simplify the situation, you lose picture quality when you convert. However this isn't a huge issue and people do it all the time.
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