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    Manual for Panasonic MX70 video switcher

    I would like to receive a pdf version of Panasonic MX70 video switcher. If any one could help me, I would be thankful.



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    Re: Manual for Panasonic MX70 video switcher

    The MX70 has now been added to our database of operating manuals - you can go there and do a search for it. If you have any problems post a reply here.
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Manual for Panasonic MX70 video switcher

    Thanks for your great service. Thanks once again.

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    panasonic mx70 vs datavideo ms 800

    Hello friend, it's my first post
    Exscuse my english but i live in Italy and i speak english a bit.
    I would like to buy a video mixer to be used for live events, complete with monitor spy, preview monitor, intercom, hd recorder etc.
    An example is the mixer datavideo I-800 in mobile configuration study: This mixer has only 4 channels, but has DV inputs.
    I like the Panasonic mx70 that has 8 channels swicciabili (4 +4) and I can add SDI inputs: But this mixer did not monitor the outputs of individual entrances, and should do in the bypass monitor spy for the preview of each entry.
    It can configure the mx70 with datavideo modules, namely replace mobile in the mixer with me-800 using the intercom devices, 4lcd preview, 2 lcd program and preview tec?
    I am undecided whether buying the mixer datavideo me-800 rack complete with mobile studio, or buy the ringtone mixer mx70 and configure it in a rack with the intercom accessories, LCD preview, etc..
    You can give me advice?


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