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    Ghost Effect - Changes - Dave


    In first place, thanks for doing those amazing tutorials.

    About the Ghost Effect using layer opacity in adobe premiere pro, i would like to know if is possible to add this "ghost effect" in the hand of the guy, so it might simulate that his hand is disappearing, only his hand, keeping the background and the guy untouchable.

    How can i do that?
    Can i follow the same procedures from ghost effect and add a CROP effect? Can u advise me the better way?


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    Re: Ghost Effect - Changes - Dave

    That would work but it won't be perfect.

    If you duplicate the layer containing the subject you could have one layer completely opaque, then another layer with the hand disappearing.

    The only problem I see is that the crop effect is "hard" so there will be a straight line cutting the hand off. It will also be completely vertical or horizontal. Ideally it would be nicer to have a gradual effect which you could control a bit better than the crop.

    Unfortunately the "Edge Feather" effect, which would be great, doesn't work with the crop effect.

    I can't think of any better way at the moment though. Anyone else?
    Dave Owen


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