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    Real time play for Premier Pro

    First time i am writing in this forum. I am facing one problem that is when ever i am inserting any avi or tga sequence or still images into the timeline of Premier Pro it is asking for render. Is there any process through which i can edit it without rendering. Can any suggest me anything to comeout of this problem or its a general thing.

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    Re: Real time play for Premier Pro

    depends what hardware you're using tell us more about that and also it's very important you video/capture card.

    secondly, always tga sequence requires render but render sometimes would not be a problem if your system mis configured properly

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    Re: Real time play for Premier Pro

    Thanks for ur reply.

    About hardwire we dont have any video capture card. but the system configuration is not bad. we have Xeon dual core processor. ram 2Gb.
    nVidia Quadro graphics card.

    But the problem is that when i am importing avi in avid express it is not asking for render but in premier it is asking as i am comfortable with premier pro i want solve this problem in premier.
    If u find any solution plz dont hasitate to share. Or more information u require u can ask for that.

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    Re: Real time play for Premier Pro

    Look, I have a good configuration too and still requries render if you think that you would like to edit without render than consider buying a video capture card such as Matrox RT.X10 and you will solve the problem.

    BTW. I have 512MB Grapghic Card and without Video Capture I still needed to render.

    Hope this helped


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