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    Hello all,
    I am setting up a company to show international video clips, and have been doing quite a bit of research. I am now to the web site build stage, but a large question outstanding is how to format the videos clips. Right now, I am a bit torn between using one format (Flash) and converting all incoming formats, what ever they might be, into Flash, this keeps things simple, and I only need to stream the one format.

    Conversly, I can take whatever comes in and use a product like Real's Helix to stream QT, WMP, or whatever. I have heard that Flash does not buffer and stream as well as a QT or WMP, but maybe I have wrong information.

    In any case, if you are looking to have about 4,000 clips on a site, a worldwide audience (Europe, Asia, etc.), any recommendations as to use the one Flash format, or go with multiple?

    Many thanks

    Dan Almour

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    Re: Streaming format advice

    Hi Dan,

    My advice is to go with Flash. It's possible that it doesn't buffer or stream as well as some other formats but I can tell you that in our testing the difference was negligible.

    The difference in convenience is remarkable. It's so much easier to work with a single format, and if you want to use a single format Flash is easily the best option IMO.

    There's also the huge advantage of having excellent control over the user experience, and being able to easily and safely embed the video on the web page. If you like, you can incorporate all sorts of additional features such as playlists etc.

    I'm sure there are still some advantages of other formats but I'm certainly glad we made the switch to Flash. It's better for us and better for our visitors.
    Dave Owen


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