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    Dan Almour

    adding text to streaming video

    does anyone know, or have a good opinion, on how to match streaming text with streaming video? For example, if I have an English language video (i.e. the speaker is talking in English), but I want to show this to my French people with a French sub-title, or close caption, to my German people with a German sub-title, how do I do so. I want to create multiple sub-titles/text files, and when the user signs on and gives his language, the English video will stream, and the viewers language sub-titles will stream alongside.

    I am open to different file formats (WMP, Flash), but any advice on how to physically match would be very helpfull.

    many thanks

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    Re: adding text to streaming video

    Definitely Flash IMO. I'm probably starting to sound like I work for Macromedia/Adobe but I believe it - no other format will work as well as Flash for what you want to do.

    On the downside it will take a while to learn how it all works, and there's also the issue of buying the Flash software. But once you're up and running you will have all the options in the world for adding text and other elements.

    The key is Flash video's cuepoints. In Flash 8 FLV video files you can embed cuepoints into the video file which you can then use to trigger other events. In your case you would load a separate SWF file containing the subtitles and the cuepoints would tell the SWF file when to play, when to progress to the next subtitle, etc. Or you could just create the SWF file to play by itself in synch with the video. There's lots of ways to do it.

    Regarding choosing the language, again you'd do this with a SWF file.

    There's no easy way to explain the details - you'd have to spend some time learning Flash. I do plan on having some more Flash video tutorials available before too long and cuepoints will be near the top of the list.

    One thing I should point out - the best way to encode Flash is with Flix Pro or Sorenson Squeeze, neither of which support cuepoints yet. At the moment the only way to add cuepoints is with the Flash Video Encoder. However the folks at Flix tell me that cuepoints is at the top of their features list for the next release.
    Dave Owen

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    Re: adding text to streaming video

    Dave knows lots of flash.


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