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    Premier Pro Problems

    Hi there,

    Anyone help me, please! When I work at the project in Adobe Premier Pro 1.5, the project, timeline, monitor windows suddenly close. I don't know what to do? I have tried to reinstall the program and intalled another copy of the program, but ir doesnt help. Please, I need your help!

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Premier Pro Problems

    That sounds pretty bad. Do you have similar trouble with any other programs? If it was me I would be considering reinstalling windows .

    What hardware do you have?
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Premier Pro Problems

    Dave, I did everything, even reinstalled the computer, but it didn't help. Now I am trying to install another copy of the premier may this will help.

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    Re: Premier Pro Problems

    Dave raised a good question: Does it happen at other times?

    Video editing with Adobe PP is a very, very system-intensive process. Just go to the Matrox website and over to their RTX-100 forums (it's a fantastic forum site, with topics ranging from thier capture cards to all the Adobe video apps) and see how many folks have unstable computers!

    Good computers, too, but unstable for a variety of hard-to-find reasons.

    Simplicity is the safest bet -- that is, don't use the computer for much else than editing video, or at least shut down every aspect of other programs during editing.

    I have a nice big computer, and I disable ALL the USB ports (in System/Hardware) and all the background items (firewall stuff, anti-virus, spyware killers). I also DON'T have things like Microsoft Office and whatnot (or Norton Anti-Virus) even INSTALLED on that PC.

    It has a network card that I disable almost all the time, and I found a nice reference on Windows processes that helped me disable irrelevant ones.

    My system never burps, never glitches. Yours probably won't either, once you sort it. I'd start with the USB ports. Get a PS2-style mouse if you're using a USB port for a mouse. Using one port is probably less worrisome than using two or three. Give it a check.

    All this and more can be done to simplify your system. Check out some of the Matrox website forums!


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    Re: Premier Pro Problems

    First of All thank you Jonny very much for you reply

    But there is many things that I will not be able to disable, because I use many ports which allow me to capture, connect or simply use many things (external hard drives, dazzle, speakers etc), but about the softwares I am agrree with you and I see It realy helps.

    Thanks a lot!


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