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    Audio Recoring Software needed

    Hello. I am looking for suggestions for some affordable audio recording software which crucially has the facility to listen through headphones whilst an artist is recording. can anyone help with some ideas?? Thanks.

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    Re: Audio Recoring Software needed

    Headphone monitoring is related to your hardware, not software. Just plug the headphones into the appropriate output from the computer and you're good to go.
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Audio Recoring Software needed

    You do have to make sure your line-in (or mic, if that is your source) isn't muted in Volume Control. There's a shareware editor, called "GoldWave" that I like to use sometimes. You can find it at

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    Re: Audio Recoring Software needed

    You could try Audacity, its good for basic stuff and its free. You can find it at

    As rmw was saying, just have your input source as a playback source through the volume controls on your computer. e.g If my Line In is in turned up in the playback section then any sound being put through will be played out through my speakers/headphones in real time.


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