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    Capturing Video/Audio on PC


    I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on hardware/software for capturing video and audio on my PC. What I need is to capture video output from the screen and record it. The ability to capture boot screens would be a plus. From there I would like to edit and publish as a DVD. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance! =)

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    Re: Capturing Video/Audio on PC

    There are lots of screen capture apps out there but I haven't used any for a while except Macromedia's Contribute (which won't be what you want unless you're outputting to Flash). Sorry I can't recommend anything in particular but from memory most of the ones I've used perform pretty much the same.

    I don't think hardware is too much of an issue.

    Not sure how you'd capture boot screens as the software would have to be running to capture. The only option I can think of there would be to shoot the screen with a camera.
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    Re: Capturing Video/Audio on PC

    You can try Camstasia which allows you to capture the PD screen and get it as an AVI file

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    Re: Capturing Video/Audio on PC

    yeah, there is a couple of progs that i can advice
    personally for me there is a software for capturing avi from desktop, for any tutorials or presentations... after recording you can even make a simple edit, add callouts, remarks, etc...

    on their site there is much more, if you need.. freeware too

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    Re: Capturing Video/Audio on PC

    Here's a toy that might do the trick (recording VGA output onto a VHS or DVD recorder):


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