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    interactive video streaming

    hi can anyone recomend some software any platform that will allow us to do 2 things

    1) host / stream interactive webcasts with soem sort of database archieving system
    2) create the interactive webcasts syncronising video to things like powerpoint slides

    help appreciated

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    Re: interactive video streaming

    Again I find myself recommending Flash (honestly, this isn't rigged ).

    Flash is the format to use for video interactivity. Quicktime also has some interactive abilities but nowhere near as good as Flash. I would say Flash is perfect for your application.

    One thing - I wouldn't use Powerpoint on the web. It's hopeless. Better to convert it to a more web-friendly format. As it happens, Flash comes with a program called Flash Paper which converts Powerpoint to Flash. I've only tried it a few times with mixed results, but with a bit of tweaking it seems to work okay. There are also other Powerpoint-to-Flash converters available.
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    Re: interactive video streaming

    For instance, you can try presentation to video converter by Geovid. It converts powerpoint to any video file which could be streamed throuhg internet.


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