I got an email today from the project manager at Sorenson Media which I'll relate here because I know a lot of people are interested in Flash Video encoding. In particular, a lot of people are concerned that there's that no single solution available which includes all necessary Flash encoding features.

Well, it seems that Sorenson will be first out of the gate. Here's the guts of the email:

A free update for Squeeze 4 users is coming out at MacWorld. It includes;
- Cue Points
- Metadata for FLV
- Linked FLV (Now the default for swf) or embeded FLV.
- A cross platform FLV player
- New and improved Flash player templates/skins that with easy to follow documentation.
Easy to edit or create your own. ( We are putting the final touches on the templates this
week but everything else is ready to ship).
- Cross platform, Windows and Mac.
- We sell the VP6 plugin seperately or bundled.