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    Studios unveil Blu-ray lineups

    Let's hope it's not just talk this time....,2106,3530222a1860,00.html
    [Edit: Link expired]

    Go Blu-Ray!
    Dave Owen

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    blue ray better win, its a bigger cd and its better so it will help everyone out more because of the more capabilities it will have

    microsoft juz wants money

    f*** u hd dvd

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    Ah... sigh... when I go to record shops, there's only one pathetic rack of Blue-ray discs... looks like it'll take another year and a half before I buy into it!

    Oh... careful with those words there rackdude... ')
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    that was the only word to express my anger



    blue-ray is a better disk

    it should win

    it better win

    i mean

    i dont want hd to come quick cuz i totally dont have money for the equiptment yet


    for backing up data from the computer, and i get alot of data

    i mean

    ive got 2 250 gig external hard drives

    1 filled, one has 100 gig left


    50 gig disks... space is ever so big with being able to make those

    n hell

    y not get a backup disk too for every file?

    you cant really do that with external hard drives

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    BluRay is better by far. I saw both demoed at NAB-2004. HD-DVDs compression and such was already done, and consumer BluRay was still in testing to see if they could make it better (XD-CAM and PD were already seing use), but BluRay still beat the pants off of HD-DVD.

    I can't find that originally linked article though.
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