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    Panasonic Palmcorder PV-A227D

    I am in dire need of a owners manual for a panasonic palmcorder PV-A227D. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Correction-Panasonic Palmcorder PV-A227D

    Sorry, i goofed-the correct model numer is PV-A227D, Also i am having problems with the camcorder-it seems to have a mind of its own. When i put the battery in it doesn't work, but if i turn the power to camera or vcr THEN put the battery in it will turn on-but everytime i turn power off then i have to take the battery off and put back on in order to get power. It has also been turning off at random. Also the tape eject button doesn't work...please help!!!

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    Re: Panasonic Palmcorder PV-A227D

    Sorry, we have the PV-A226 and the PV-A228 but not the one in between .

    Regarding your problems, you might like to post a message in the video forum and see if anyone there can help.
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