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    On2 VP6 excellent quality...but SLOW!

    I recently purchased the On2 VP6 Pro codec to use with my Sorenson Squeeze for Flash program. The results are so good that for my "talking head" videos I can set the Hi Bandwidth version at a Total of 100kbps (32 for audio and 68 for video) with a 320x240, 15 fps. However, it takes about twice the time to encode with this On2 VP6 as it did with the standard Sorenson Spark Pro codec. (I am converting from AVI files with the latest DivX Mpeg4 codec with MP3 audio.)

    Even on my PC which uses dual 3.0 Xeon processors, 2Gb of Ram and two 10,000 rpm SATA drives, a one hour video takes about 4 hours to complete in On2 VP6. Again, roughly 1/2 that time for the Spark Pro codec.

    There is no way I want to go back to the Spark Pro codec after seeing the results with the On2 VP6 codec. However, I am hoping for some helpful comments on other tweaks and/or settings that I might be able to apply to speed up this process. Believe me when I say I have tried all the "normal" things like Registry cleaning, using Perfect Disk and every anti spam, nuisance and virus program know to man. I really have a clean Windows 2000 powerhouse machine that I had hoped would be faster than this.

    I am curious to know also if Windows XP Pro on my same machine might speed up the process. I have my doubts and had stayed with Windows 2OOO because another program I was using, Cleaner XL, didn't seem to like the XP OS.

    Any comments will be appreciated and thanks for this forum which I just found today!

    Steve (The BanjoNut)

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    Re: On2 VP6 excellent quality...but SLOW!

    VP6 sure does produce great results. I know what you mean - I'd never go back to Sparc.

    To be honest I haven't noticed a huge difference in encoding time, but I usually have a separate PC doing the "gruntwork" and perhaps I haven't paid enough attention to how long it's taking.

    I'm away for a few days but I'm keen to look into this a bit more when I get back home.

    Sorry I can't offer any advice at this stage. If you do come up with anything useful please let us know.
    Dave Owen

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    Re: On2 VP6 excellent quality...but SLOW!


    I am running a dual Xeon, with Squeeze for Flash's VP6 codec.

    Compression time is a lot longer than with the Spark Pro codec.

    This time must be taken into consideration in regards to workflow and product turnaround.


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    Re: On2 VP6 excellent quality...but SLOW!

    The newest release(1.9) of Flash Video MX do convert video to flash with excellent quality.

    more info on


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