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    Video FLash

    Dave, I have read several threads about how you like posting video in flash format. I have macromedia Flash MX, and all the other programs that comes with it. Fireworks, Director, dreamweaver, etc... I post videos of homes in WMV format for now, but does flash give you smaller file sizes, and if possible, could you give me a brief description of how to get my video that I edit in Vegas, which can output to several diffent file types, into flash? Thanks A ton.

    P.S. I have just recently discovered this site, and I LOVE IT. Thanks for contributing to the world. People like you and whoever else is involed make the world a better place. Thanks!!

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    Re: Video FLash

    Thanks very much for the comments. It's always nice to get your ego stroked like that .

    I'm working on updating our Flash Video Tutorials very soon. The tutorials are a bit simplistic and disorganized at the moment but they do describe the basics and should answer your immediate questions.

    I have plans to publish a complete walk-through of the whole process. I'm also going to release our Flash video player which people can use on their own websites.

    I don't think Flash necessarily produces smaller file sizes but the performance is certainly comparable to other formats. I've found my Flash video files are every bit as good as WinMedia files etc. It's worth remembering that the file size is determined by your encoding settings, so the real question isn't which format produces the smallest files, it's which format produces the best quality for a given file size.

    IMO the quality of the major formats are all similar enough that it's not a big deal, and the real advantages of Flash are in other areas, e.g. good control, easy to embed in a web page, and the best market penetration of any format. The safest bet I believe.
    Dave Owen


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