This story has had a fair bit of coverage around the world...

A New Zealand woman's plan to donate "dog food" to starving people overseas has created all sorts of bad reactions. Kenya's government is outraged and the woman, Christine Drummond, has received a lot of abuse.

The problem is that the food in question is not dog food. It's a nutritional supplement that the woman happens to sell as suitable for dogs. She also eats it herself and gives it to other people.

The New Zealand media are probably the ones to blame for starting this misrepresentation. I watched two news items about it the other night and they both jumped on the "dog food" angle even though the woman explicitly explained that it is not dog food. I guess it's just too good a story to report fairly.

I really feel for Christine. She has offered to donate large quantities of excellent-quality nutritional supplements to people who really need it, but is being knocked back by a media system which would prefer to hinder her efforts so they can have a more sensational headline.