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    Problem PremierePro transisiton setting

    Dear friends,
    I'm used to Premiere6.5, which before I apply transition
    I can set it first. For example I set the orientation
    of the PUSH transition from south to north make it as
    a default transition so everytime i apply transition
    into the timeline, it always goes south to north.

    But in Premiere Pro, I can't do that.
    I have to apply to timeline first,
    then i have to change setting in the effect control window.

    It's quite time consuming,
    as if I want to use many of this kind orientation PUSH transition
    then I have to change it one by one from timeline effect control
    in PremierePro.

    My question is, is there any
    solution, or way to change the default
    transition orientation setting
    just before we apply it to the timeline ?

    anykind of response will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much in advance.


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    Re: Problem PremierePro transisiton setting

    I'm sorry to say I don't think this is possible. I hope someone can prove me wrong but there doesn't seem to be any way to edit the default transition settings other than the duration.

    I guess you're already aware of the keyboard shortcut CTRL-D to apply the transition. If it was me, I'd use my left hand to apply the transitions and my right hand with the mouse to move the Current Time Indicator and change the effect orientation. I can see that this would be quite a pain on certain types of project.

    Sorry I don't have a better solution. Anyone else?
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Problem PremierePro transisiton setting

    Thank you very much for your reply Dave.

    Yes, it's quite pain in the ass, as I do sometimes
    rolling pictures for about 50 pics, and I have to
    change the orientation one by one then...:-(

    Anyway, thanks once again for your reply.
    It's good to know that somebody also
    aware that it's impossible to change orientation
    of our default transition in PremierePro though :-)


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    Re: Problem PremierePro transisiton setting

    Could be worth making a feature request. I think it's a good enough request to be taken seriously:
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Problem PremierePro transisiton setting

    Yes, I think so.
    BTW, I've seen somewhere about
    another bug on transisition in PPro.
    and i experienced it by myself.

    Did you notice, if you automate seq to timeline
    say 10 still pics each 100 frame, with clip overlap 50
    using default transition, PPro don't divide it exactly
    the 100 frame to 50 frame before and after ?
    Ppro will move 2 frames between the transition,
    which result if we put push transition, we will get
    2 frames of the pic stop, then continue the transition !

    So, once again if I want the rolling picture
    continuesly from south to north, I still have to
    tweak the transition setting, first for the orientation
    and second for duration of the transition, one by one..:-(

    Oh my, I guess I have to backward to Premiere6.5
    Though I like the nesting composition/sequence in PPro though.

    Thanks Dave !



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