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    Thumbnail Help

    Hi Everyone!

    Ive got a problem and its annoying the brains out of me. I just cant find the solution. Im into my cars allot (specially VW's) and ive bought a new lap top recently (Sony Vaio VGN-A517S).

    My problem is i cant view any of the the thumbnails on one of my favorite VW enthusiast websites!! Here is the url to the website:

    When i click on a thumbnail, for example on this page:

    It just wont open! Now, ive tried disabling the internet explorer built in pop up blocker, ive disabled the google bar popup blocker, ive even turned off my anti-virus to see if that had anything to do with it, but still no luck!

    I saw a similar article on this website (the link below), so i thought someone may know the cause.

    I then thought it might be an Internet Explorer problem, so i downloaded Mozilla and thought that would work, but still wouldn't :S I turned on the Sun Java console while browsing and still wont work... ive tried everything i can think off.

    I tried the website at work, and asked my friend to have a try and it worked fine on both so i know its a problem with my lap top. I just don't know what to do. It seems it may be some sort of Java Script proble, as the 2 error screens show....

    Please help! Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Thumbnail Help

    Hi Rishi,

    I've visited that page and had a look at the code - I can't see anything wrong with it. In fact your JavaScript error message says there's an object missing on line 340, but on the page there isn't even any JavaScript code at line 340. This leads me to think that either the page has changed since you captured the error message, or your laptop is reading the page incorrectly.

    It does seem very odd that you're getting the same error message with two different browsers though.

    Would you be able to
    - Go to the page and try a thumbnail
    - check the error message again and make a note of which line it refers to
    - view the HTML source and find the line in question
    - copy the code and paste it in a message here
    Dave Owen


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