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    JVC hd100u VS JVC dv5000u


    Was wondering if a pro cameraman could give some insight into both these JVC cameras. I'm debating which one to get. I need a camera that is the most similar to the ones used in the business (meaning the menu, and actual functions and capabilities).

    I'm thinking of skipping the whole HDV craze and sticking to a pro DV camera and when I get comfortable with that, actually jumping in and getting the camera that's out now that shoots REAL HD instead of HDV (I'm not geting it now because its too expensive and can't afford p2 cards)

    I also need a camera that feeds directly into my computer without the hassle of having to capture from a VTR.

    what do you guys think?

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    DV5000u vs HD100u

    Hi who ever you are, what exactly do you want to know about them. I own both, but I don't want to write a book here if you only have some specific questions.

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    This is why I went with the FS-4 HDD. Direct to edit.
    24p HD w/ DTE seems to be working for me.


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