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    unbalanced to balanced connectors???

    hi guys...

    i had a question.
    i'm connecting my MPC2000XL, which is unbalanced, into my digi002, which is balanced/unbalanced.

    are there cables that are TRS on one end and TS on the other?

    i mean...does it make sense to connect from the MPC as TS and to the digi002 as TRS?

    or does it not even matter?
    will it make ANY difference at all as if i connected them from TS to TS?


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    Re: unbalanced to balanced connectors???

    Hi Chris -
    Since you stated that the input to your Digi002 takes both balance & unbalance, yes you can connect them with a cable that is TS to TS. I suggest to be consistant in this manner rather than using a leftover cable that was built as TRS to TS.

    Hope this eases your concerns.

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