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    How Can I Float Text Over an Image?

    I'm making a CD of an old album as a favor to the band that recorded the record. The trouble I am having is that I scanned and saved the name of the band, hand written into Photoshop. I now want to just save the handwriting itself, no background or at least make it transparent and then lay it on top of the cd label image so it just floats there.

    You can import images in the following file formats into EPSON Print CD : Bitmap files(*.BMP), JPEG files (*.JPG), PhotoCD files(*.PCD), TIFF files(*.TIF), Windows Metafiles(*.wmf .emf), and PNG files(.PNG). It looks like from the thread below that since the program cannot import Targa or Photoshop I am out of luck. Is this true?

    In trying to import the hand written text into my Epson software that will print directly on CD's, when I bring it it is has the rectangular frame around the text, and the frame is appearing as white, same color as the handwritten text. All I want are the letters themselves and have the background transparent so you can see the picture of the band in concert behind it. I have avoided .jpg format as it does not work with transparent backgrounds but .tif does not work either.

    Is there any way in Photoshop to just save the text which the magic wand has highlighted? What do I need to do to make it so the background image on the CD ( a photo of the band shows through except for the hand written letters themselves? Is it a format issue or do I need to use something other than Extract.

    Thanks for any ideas or help.

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    Re: How Can I Float Text Over an Image?

    Ok, if you have photoshop, you should be able to do it. You said that you can us .PNG files on your Epson program. This is what you will need to do. Open up your file with the text. Select the text with the magic wand, when you have sellected it, open a new page in adobe, but when you open it, it will give you the option to have your background transparant. Do that, and paste you text onto that new document. When you have it the way you want it, save it as a .PNG file. PNG files support transparancy. Then you should just be able to open it up in you Epson program and use it. Let me know if that worked or not!! Thanks


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    Re: How Can I Float Text Over an Image?

    You can save transparent PNG files from Photoshop. Create a transparent image as outlined in our Photoshop Transparency tutorial and then save it as a PNG.

    Alternatively, you could just do the whole thing in Photoshop. Create yourself a new file the same size as a CD cover and print it directly from Photoshop.

    Either way should work.

    BTW, all image files are rectangular. You can't just save the text or any other component - there's always a rectangular background (transparent or not).
    Dave Owen


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