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Thread: Trolley Problem

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    Trolley Problem

    Hi! Hi! I wonder if I'm posting this on the right forum. I hope you all understand my English.
    Anyway, me and my classmates are producing a short film. So we need to make ourselves a trolley. We used unwanted study desk ( around 90cm x >180cm) and use four 4 inches wheels ( 2 fixed direction and 2 freedirectional wheels).
    The problem is it shakes when we run it on rough places. We placed wooden planks under it but it still shakes a bit. Even running it on smooth tiles with minimal gaps will make it unstable. I hope we can make a dolly or truck shoots that is smooth like high quality film.
    Is placing thicker planks under it will solve the problems? How about carpet? But we don't have enough carpet and budget.
    Hope you can give suggestions and advices.
    Thank You!

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    Re: Trolley Problem

    Is the shake mostly along a vertical axis or a horizontal plane (or pretty much both)?

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    Re: Trolley Problem

    Unless you're using a particularly heavy cam, I would highly recommend using a steadicam, or similar device. No wheels needed, and although it requires practice to use it well, it will give you incredibly smooth shots...
    I know the Steadicam brand can run into some money, but there are similar devices or you can even get plans on the net to make your own fairly cheaply.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Trolley Problem

    Quote: Bob
    Is the shake mostly along a vertical axis or a horizontal plane (or pretty much both)?

    Well, its pretty much on both but more obvious vertically.

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    Re: Trolley Problem

    Try deflating (taking the air out) of the wheels, till they are about 1/2 - 3/4 full of air. this way, they will act kind of as shock absorbers (kind of, not exactly).

    Do you have someone on the trolly holding the camera, or is it on a tripod?


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