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    Transperancy issues in animated GIF

    I'e created a GIF using Easy GIF animator and then edited it slightly in Image Ready. I am however unable to get it to work the way I want. The graphic I am working with is located at: and after the white squiggle moves from left to right I am wanting the white logo to slowly come into focus from the centre. The problem I am having is that the final brown coloured graphic with the full white squiggle is not staying as the background image for the final 10 frames.
    Anyone know how to do this ? I'm not looking for anyone to do this for me as that would spoil the fun, would prefer if someone could explain to me what I am not doing so I can do it myself.

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    Re: Transperancy issues in animated GIF

    There are two things you need to do:

    (1) Make the background layer (Layer 12) visible in all frames from frame 13 onwards.

    (2) Make the white areas in frames 13 to 21 transparent. At the moment you won't be able to see the background even if it is made visible, because the white frames completely cover it up.

    One other thing - the file is far too large. You need to reduce both the pixel size and the file size.
    Dave Owen


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