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    Knowing the best moderate camcorder to buy

    Please I need the forum advise on which moderate comcorder of moderate price within $150-$200 that will work for me perfectly in my studio.

    Specification ;
    With composite I/O and firewire

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    Re: Knowing the best moderate camcorder to buy

    Unfortunately this is the sort of question which often goes unanswered. I think that's because it's really just a matter of personal preference. In my opinion it's not going to make a huge difference which camera you buy as long as you feel comfortable using it.

    I would certainly recommend MiniDV over Digital 8, and make sure you get a reputable brand. Panasonic are quite good value in that price range.

    Just don't get too optimistic about what you can achieve. I'm not sure what you mean by "work for me perfectly in my studio" but you need to understand that studio cameras are not available for the price you quoted. The camera will work like a $200 camera, not like a studio camera.

    I'd say shop around, try a few different camcorders and just go with whichever one feels best.

    One more thing... Make sure you read How to Buy a Camcorder first.
    Dave Owen


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