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Thread: Beta SP Deck

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    Beta SP Deck

    I primarily work in DV and have never before used the Beta Format. One of my clients was curious is I could Grab a few scenes off of a Beta SP tape, clean them up with some light editing, and copy them onto a handful of blank Beta SP tapes.

    Can I just rent a Beta SP deck and somehow transfer the footage into Final Cut via firewire or through a DV camera or deck? I don't want to turn down the client, but am not too sure how to go about this one. I didn't have much luck finding Beta SP decks to rent either. Suggestions anyone? Any technical transfer/encoding issues I may run into? Please Help.

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    Re: Beta SP Deck

    Yep, that should be fine.

    Some Beta SP decks have a Firewire output but you should probably assume that your rental won't have one. You'll probably need to digitize it as you suggest - by using a camera or some other converter.

    I'm not aware of any show-stopping technical issues.
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    Re: Beta SP Deck

    Hi ImageBrew,
    I know that Beta SP format is outdated but I didn't realize machines weren't available for rent. If the rental houses no longer have them, try some of the colleges or dubbing houses. Even though they're not into renting, they'd still would want to make a buck. However, I suggest you try to discourage your client from re-mastering back to Beta SP. It's already difficult now getting a machine, it would be safer to go Digibeta.
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