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    Shahin samaei

    It also has to do with how you start building your file & what your initial settings are.

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    illustrated instructions 1 of 2

    All of these instructions were helpful, some more than others, but all of them were confusing and assumed that the reader knows about photoshop, when they may not. Mohd Saqib's instructions had all of these problems, but those instructions were the only ones I got to work.

    To clarify Mohd, here is illustrated instructions, which includes that which was left out. I am using adobe photoshop Cs4 but this should be similar with earlier versions.

    First create a new layer

    1. open the document you want to edit

    2. Click windows >> layers or press F7. The layers window will appear.

    3. Click the create a new layer button.

    4. Make sure the new layer is highlighted.

    Now create a circle

    5. Click the shape tool. (U)

    6. choose the circle in the toolbar, if it has not already been selected.

    7. Draw your circle.

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    illustrated instructions 2 of 2

    message continued

    Adjust the Fill

    8. On the layers window, move the fill slider from 100% to 0%. The circle disappears.

    Adjust the stroke

    9. Click on Layer >> Layer Style >> Stroke in the menu bar

    10. Adjust the color of your circle outline by clicking the color square.

    11. Adjust the width of your circle by sliding the size. Other options are available, "fill type" is helpful.

    12. Click the OK button when finished.

    13. Pictured is a circle changed with fill type >> gradient.

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    I have solved that problem by simply writing the letter "O" in Century Gothic. It might work for some people.

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    Marquee Tool

    Simple! Just use the elliptical marquee tool, make the ellipse the right size and shape and then Edit/Stroke to get the right size and color... the marquee tool will "mark" your stroked shape into the layer.

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    Great tip Thank you!

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    Amazing Photoshop Feats - Circles

    Quote: fantastic
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    OR try using the custom shape tool, then hitting the drop down menu under "shape" and scroll to the bottom till you see the circle, square, etc. That will create an outline or a circle or square or whatever you want.
    Problem with most other suggestions on this page is that if you create a circle with a fill in it, doesn't matter if you hide it's fill using opacity or not, but if you continue to work with it at any point in the future after you have hidden the fill, when you go to apply a style the fill will show back up and then you have to deal with it all over again. This method told to you that I have quoted above is the easiest and best way to deal with circles without fill.

    All you have to do when using the custom shape tool, is hold down shift while dragging the mouse into place to make the circle. From there you can manipulate the size by using the Edit < Transform method.

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