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    My picture won't go transparent

    Hi there,

    This probelm is frustrating me to a great degree today. All i want to do is get rid of a white backround from an image. So i do all the tutorial says to do. I.e Magic wand and delete save as gif...however when I press delete the backround remains white.

    Could anybody help me out here? It would be most appreciated.



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    Re: My picture won't go transparent

    You might need to register and upload the file, or provide a link to it.
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    Re: My picture won't go transparent

    If the background is locked, you need to duplicate it and then delete the original layer.

    Next, you can try to selecct the background and delete it again. This works sometimes for some reason and not for some reason.

    If it does not work, use the grab tool and move the image slightly on the canvas. You should see the transparent background (normally checkered box).

    If so, repeat select and delete. Move the image back past original position because there is some fo the white left over since it was off the screen when you did the initial delete. Select the remaining white and delete it.

    You should be able to recenter the image on the canvas and manipulate it as usual (add differnet background, scratch up...)

    Save as your favorite file type.

    For some reason I am getting grey backgrounds in IE when I save as png, but Mozilla Firefox displays the transparency right. Gif is a lower quality apparently since it puts a white edge around all my picts. i am on this site to figure that one out, but...this should get you where you want to go.

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    If you want send me the file, i could do it for you??

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    you also need to make sure that your bottom layer is selected as transparent and not as white
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    Shahin samaei

    What I have done in past & depending on your files work is to select the images you like to keep, Copy them, then open a new blank page with transparent backgroound & past them into this new page, Now use the majic wond & select the back & delete it. Remember to save the file as PING to keep the background transparent when importing this file to another document

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    1) what kind of file is it? if it is a GIF file, you have to change the mode from index to RGB before you can select anything.
    2) If it's a JPEG, as mentioned before you can duplicate the layer. you can also right click the layer and select 'Create layer from background' which will unlock it so you can do your wand thing.

    Those are the two most common situations I've run into.

    Hope this helps!

    D out ITNOJ


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