It is good to have found this web-site, I have been searching in circles for what seems like forever.

To get started I would say I have a background in pcs more than macs, I have a good bg in web design and less so in digital photography and very little to no experience in digital video. I have an earth shaking interest in all things art, all things creative, especially visual, especially digital, especially video/(audio).

My question is this:

Soon I will be leaving school to make some money in the real world. This new employment will involve being on the road for many long hours and I want to take advantage of this by capturing video on the way.

I have researched DVR, that is to say, that which you can record digital cam feeds with rather than Tivo.

I have found many security products that do this (like what you might find in a police car) but I wonder if that would be right for what I want.

Specifically I need:
1 A DVR unit, with DVD burner (external plug-n-play?), with at least 100 gigs of hard drive (more?)
four cam feed that can record in real time or better (do you need, or is there a better frame rate than 30 per second for commercial video), all this at commercial quality resolution.

Are all these things even possible at such high res.?

Also I need advice on cams.

What about out door rigging (outside a moving vehicle?)
What about shooting through a windshield?
What about night filming?

I am a mega newbie.

I need tons of the right information.

Please help.