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    I don't understand.

    Could someone explain to me, or send me a link explaining something. I am making a webpage in Fireworks MX, and Dreamweaver MX. I use fireworks to setup my template with some graphics, and my links, then save it as a htm file, then I open it with dreamweaver to put in my text and such. I have a few questions: 1. To put text, inside of a fireworks template, is drawing a new layer, and putting the text in it that way the most sufficient way? 2: When I do that, the layer will not stay centered with the image. Is there a way to get that layer with my text in it to center? 3: When I click a link, the only thing that I want to change is the layer, I don't want to have to load that first image/template each time I click on a link. I have read through all the tutorials here, and there is just something that is not clicking. Please help if you can.


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    Re: I don't understand.

    I think you're approaching web design the wrong way. You need to start by learning HTML properly. Only use tools like Fireworks when you already know how the underlying HTML works, otherwise you're always going to have problems like this.
    Dave Owen


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