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    embedding media player url problem

    i have a question i m playing streaming movies on my website and i m embedding them into media player code but if any user view the source of the page that will expose the url too
    and then anyone can download the videos from there and i dont want that
    can some please help me and tell me if there is a way i can hide it or stop it
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    Re: embedding media player url problem

    The only way around this problem is to use a true streaming server. This is a big step up in expense and complexity so I would only recommend it if you are absolutely convinced you need it.

    Of course, dedicated thieves can still steal your streaming content with various hacks. There's no way to protect your videos 100%.

    You will notice that more and more websites are putting a watermark on their videos for this reason. This is a small ID logo which shows where the video came from - then at least you can prove you originally owned it.
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