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Thread: Help me PLEASE!

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    Help me PLEASE!

    Hey im new here!

    And i got a noobish question.

    Ok,when i am making a design in PS with a Transparent Background.I like do the design and all that then save it.

    Then i re-open it and its all good.BUT then wen i try to cut out the design and put it on another document,i cant take the whole design because all of the layers are still open!

    And i tried flattening the image,but then the background goes white.

    So do you guys know how i can have it so i can cut out the whole image?

    Hopefully you get what i mean!! lol

    Thanks heaps.

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    Re: Help me PLEASE!

    I think I understand what you are wanting. What you need to do is make sure that the background is transparent, which it sounds like it is. Then you need to save the image as a .GIF Gif supports transparent backgrounds, but it sounds like that your trying to save it as a PSD. You need to save the photo as a GIF. That should work!!!! Let me know.

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    Re: Help me PLEASE!

    Yes i did it!

    Thanks heaps man!


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