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    Reducing size of animated GIF

    I'm a complete noob to creating animated GIF's and have put together what I want but the file is nearly 3Mb, I was hoping to have a maximum size of 100Kb. Can anyone explain to me what I have done wrong in the animation on the following page to give it such a large size ?

    Direct link to animation -

    Any help is appreciated!!

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    Re: Reducing size of animated GIF

    Basically I think it's just too big, too many frames, too much for an animated gif. I opened and optimized it in Adobe Image Ready and it got down to 2.9MB but it doesn't want to get down any further without more compromise.

    Flash is a better way to do this sort of thing, but of course you need a Flash authoring program.

    Sorry but my advice is to go for something smaller and simpler. To be honest I don't think this animation is a great idea for the site anyway - I prefer the nice static image on the main index page.
    Dave Owen

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    Re: Reducing size of animated GIF

    I agree with Dave, if your adding alot of FX or frames to a animated gif, it can grow REAL FAST!

    Best to go the FLASH route

    Good luck


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